Other Services at The rocking Horse Workshop

The Rocking Horse Workshop  have dealt with a wide variety of customers over the years. From the rich and famous, to the everyday shop customer, Noreen and David realise the underlying passion and sentimental attachment to rocking horses that people possess. The expertise and knowledge held by The Rocking Horse Workshop, means that many more services can be offered to a wider variety of customers and not just the sale of a new horse or the restoration of an old one.

The Rocking Horse Workshop offer:  For a limited time only......

​WANTED....  If you have an old traditional rocking horse that you are looking to dispose of, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@rockinghorses.co.uk

'Insurance Valuations' - An accurate insurance valuation of your rocking horse, peace of mind should the unexpected happen. 

'Identification' - Reliable maker identification and relevant information on the rocking horse.

'Appraisals' - How much is this rocking horse worth do you wonder?

'Sourcing' - Professional sourcing of antique rocking horses and information on models, makers and companies.  

'If you have a query regarding valuations, identification, or are

just interested to know more about your rocking horse, please do not hesitate

to get in contact'.  

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