Restoration Work at The Rocking Horse Workshop

David and Noreen make and finish their rocking horses just as they would have been made many years ago, using the same traditional methods and tools as their predecessors. From the careful selection of timber, (we use no tropical hardwoods in the production of our horses)  assembly,  hand carving and sanding, to the painting, saddlery and hair, all work is expertly carried out at the Hodnet workshop to the highest standard by the most skilled professionals in their field.

Manufacture of new rocking horses however, is not all the Rocking Horse Workshop have to offer to their customers. Another service provided at the workshop is the restoration of older 'well loved' rocking horses, that unfortunately have fallen into various states of disrepair. Some of the horses that have been worked on have simply become dilapidated through years of constant use, while others have just been left neglected in the loft or outbuilding.


No matter the condition of the horse when it comes through the door of the workshop, Noreen and David are able to bring it back to its former glory. The Rocking Horse Workshop has often been acknowledged, by museums and press, as the leading restorers of rocking horses in the country. The care attention to detail shown in the restoration of old rocking horses, is equal to that of the creation of a brand new horse, ensuring the highest quality result, each and every time. 



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