New Horses from The Rocking Horse Workshop

For 2020 we have chosen seven patterns from the many that we hold at our workshop and in our current brochure you will see a selection of horses that have been made over the past few years, these being representative of the range available. Your own requirements can also be catered for throughout our whole range.

In our 2020 range of rocking horses there are six different patterns in the 'Swing-Stand' style, and one pattern in the 'Bow-Rocker' style. A Bow-rocker could be classed as a 'free-spirit', and does require adequate space for safe use when being ridden at speed! The bow-rocker is the older design, early examples date from around 1750. The swing-stand or safety rocker as it is also referred to, is of a later American design and was first manufactured in the UK in 1880. The patterns of all our horses have been derived from original rocking horses made in the 19th and early 20th centuries by highly regarded makers such as Ayres and Lines. Aside the seven patterns we have chosen for 2020, we have many more should you not be able to find a horse that meets your immediate choice, both larger and smaller.We would also be please to accept commissions for any individual, one-off requirements, or your own personal designs. 

When making your choice of rocking horse, bear in mind what 'size of child' will ride the horse, as this will guide you as to the size of horse that would be suitable. A horse with a saddle height of 30 inches, would generally be practical through the entirety of childhood, a 'Jordan' being this size. Please do not be concerned about the weight a horse will withstand, the smallest of the 2020 range, 'Tiny-Tim', will hold 70Kg without fear of breaking. The horses listed in our range are usually finished as 'Dapple-Grey's', but again your own requirements can be catered for. Some of our horses can be made from different timber such as Oak, or even your own timber (if suitable). You can also have a paint finish other than the standard 'Dapple-Grey', such as 'Palomino', 'Black Bess', 'Fantasy', or even painted in the style of your real horse, or in memory of a past 'friend'. Our extra carved* horses, would reflect the quality and grace of the originals, and these are generally accurate reproductions of 'F.H.Ayres' horses, including our very exclusive 'Swivel-Head' TM.  

We welcome you to browse our gallery of new horses, featuring many of the different styles and finishes we have available. 

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