The Rocking Horse Workshop

David and Noreen Kiss created The Rocking Horse Workshop in 1987, in Wem, a small market town in Shropshire, England. From fairly humble beginnings, Noreen and David are now recognised as one of the leading manufacturers of rocking horses in the world.

The Rocking Horse Workshop is now situated in the quaint village of Hodnet, where a selection of beautiful horses both old and new can be viewed.

When you come to visit you will see that the famous Rocking Horse Workshop, although small, is bursting with everything you ever wanted to know and learn about these wonderfully crafted pieces. You are invited to have a look around and discover authentic reproductions of Edwardian and Victorian rocking horses, created and finished to the highest quality possible.

The desire to own a ‘Kiss’ rocking horse made at The Rocking Horse Workshop, is one shared all over the world. The most exquisite craftsmanship, the finest materials, traditional methods and tools, allow us to keep this most treasured profession alive for generation after generation to enjoy.

Rocking is a joyous pastime, ere we reach the age of strife.     
What a pleasant preparation, for the ups and downs of life.     

John Hartcup     

Hand Made at The Rocking Horse Workshop
Hand Made at The Rocking Horse Workshop
Hand Made at The Rocking Horse Workshop